5 December 2008

Tiny tobacco "tea-bags" commonly used in USA, unregulated!


Dear Readers,

This contains some information which is quite interesting. In some American states there are currently significant numbers of tobacco �suckers� compared with traditional smokers (eg. West Virginia 16% vs. 27%). Apparently these products have not been formally approved yet they were never banned and thus are legal and marketable. We await some good research on their use but most believe that they are probably safer than smoking.

Comment by Andrew Byrne .. (see excerpt below). http://www.redfernclinic.com/#news

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) -- They're discreet, flavorful and come in cute tin boxes with names like ''frost'' and ''spice.'' And the folks who created Joe Camel are hoping Camel Snus will become a hit with tobacco lovers tired of being forced outside for a smoke.

But convincing health officials and smokers like Ethan Flint that they're worth a try may take some work.

Snus -- Swedish for tobacco, rhymes with ''noose'' -- is a tiny, tea bag-like pouch of steam-pasteurized, smokeless tobacco to tuck between the cheek and gum. Aromatic to the user and undetectable to anyone else, it promises a hit of nicotine without the messy spitting associated with chewing tobacco. Just swallow the juice.